Thursday, January 24, 2008

What if...

  1. What if all the chocolate in the world ran out?
  2. What if there was no such thing as fashion, everyone wore uniforms?
  3. What if cars were never invented but roads were still made the same?
  4. What if video games and television were never invented?
  5. What if lions, tigers, and bears were pets?
  6. What if we had noses like elephants?
  7. What if dinosaurs never became extinct?
  8. What if we could fly?
  9. What if there was no such thing as sweat pants?
  10. What if we could go to space whenever we wanted?
  11. What if we did not need money in life?
  12. What if dogs and cats were wild animals and not pets?
  13. What if squirrels had wings?
  14. What if no one liked OJ(orange juice)?
  15. What if all cows ran out of milk?
  16. What if there was no such thing as country music?
  17. What if dessert always came before dinner?
  18. What if everyone had to have a tatoo on their foreheads?
  19. What if cell phones never existed (which includes text messaging)?
  20. What if we had to wear masks of animals on our faces allthe time?
  21. What if caffine was illegal?
  22. What if seafood was meant to be left in the sea?
  23. What if boys were smart?
  24. What if no one liked string cheese?
  25. What if we never got scars?
  26. What if it was never freezing cold outside?
  27. What if there was no such thing as homework?
  28. What if everyone had tentacles?
  29. What if the moon was really made of cheese?
  30. What if we were allowed to disintegrate people we did not like?
  31. What if we were allowed to smart mouth people at work?
  32. What if there were no stupid people in the world?
  33. What if everyone had paws instead of hands?
  34. What if the spoon was never invented (for soup or cereal)?
  35. What if spiders took over the world?
  36. What if flies could speak English?
  37. What if there really was 16 foot giants?
  38. What if no one liked football?
  39. What if Peeps came alive after three days?
  40. What if nothing started (work, school) before noon?
  41. What if apples were meant to be thrown at people, and not eaten?
  42. What if there was no such thing as fast food?
  43. What if Santa Clause lived in a desert instead of the North Pole?
  44. What if chairs floated?
  45. What if we could go back in time?
  46. What if you never went to college?
  47. What if the sky was green?
  48. What if we had floatation devices to travel, instead of cars?
  49. What if everyone had to eat green eggs and ham for breakfast everyday?
  50. What if monsters really did exist?

Saturday, January 19, 2008


After getting our fork assignments I took mine home and washed it so I could eat dinner with it. Luckily it was a good dinner to use with forks, possible our forks favorite. Dinner was BBQ mini hot dogs. But diner got messy for fork and only forced me to clean it again. Then we played some Guitar Hero for a couple hours. Or it was more like the for sat next to me and watched. Then it was time for me to finish with the fork for the day so I could get online. I put the fork under the couch so I would not lose it or anyone could step on it. 

Another day with the fork started out with eating macaroni and cheese. And washing it again afterwards cause it is always getting dirty. Then I sat and thought about what to do next with the fork and the only thing that came to my mind was that my fork looked like its name could be Joe. It randomly just came to be but that is the first thing I thought.

My list of ideas to experiment with the fork or Joe would be:

If the canal had flowing water in it, throwing it in to see if Joe would float and then how far down the canal Joe would make it.

Putting it on a hot plate and seeing how long it takes to melt.

Putting it in battery acid to see what would happen to it over a period of time.

Sticking it in a melted candle and then letting it dry like that at someone's house but do not tell him or her about it. Let them find it on their own.

Melt it in a skillet (along with a couple other forks) and letting it dry in the skillet so that it is no longer a fork but a plate. Then the project would become from what to do with a fork to what to do with this plate or frisbee.