Monday, February 25, 2008

Two hour bliss...

This weekend I was trying to find something to do for two hours that was fun and nothing came to my mind sadly. This weekend though, one of my roommates had her sister and one of her friends come to stay over and on Sunday we had a two hour shopping trip to the Circle Center mall. Spring break is coming up and my roommates have been keeping their eye on some shorts that they wanted to get. I did not get anything at the mall because the more I was standing in the mall the more broke or poor I was feeling. Bills were coming and we have to put a deposite on a house so our trip to the mall was not that much of a bliss for me. But there was not a whole lot that went on this weekend or week besides working and doing homework. It is hard to find time to do something fun, especially if time is never usually taken to do this on a daily basis. It gets hard to think of something to do. I kept thinking of the other stuff I had to do like my web develpement homework or to do laundry or needing to clean the kitchen because looking at the mess was bothering me. Those are not fun things to do, they are things I have to do because no one else will. The trip to the mall was probably the most relaxing thing to happen all weekend.

In class today we watched a movie about the physics of wether something is really there. They were saying that, for example, when a basketball is bounced it does not really hit the ground. It creates friction with the pavement and bounces back but never hits. With the electrons acting against each other.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What moves you?

For this assignment, I would have to describe an experience that most moved me. Recently I got a cornea ulcer. And this has probably been the most unluckest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I was the stereo typical girl that tans more than what I probably should and wears contacts, but now I can not do either of those because of the cornea ulcer or at least for a while. It happened in my left eye making my vision in that eye so fogged that I could not see out of it. It was really light sensitive too. Things that happened to the left I would usually miss. I trip over more things and definitely lose more things, most commonly my keys. For example, I was walking from the car to a friends house and in the process was completely blind sighted by a tree branch hanging on the left side of the side walk and walked right into it. To a normal person this would of looked really stupid and comical, but I never saw the tree coming. I would also find myself hoping for dark cloudy days or maybe rain because that would only mean it would have to be cloudy out. The medicines that they had me on would not let me sleep either. I had to take them every hour so the most sleep I could get at a time would be every 55 minutes. The first week was the worst because I had to go to Wishard everyday and I would have to try to get one of my roommates to take me until just recently I can with stand more light and I walk there now, especially since I have been lucky enough to not have many sunny days at all during the week. The worst part is that this will effect my vision in that eye because of the type of bacteria was the worst and will leave a scar on my cornea. But all I keep thinking about is if I will be able to wear contacts in time for spring break, because for the first time ever I am actually going somewhere for spring break and now I am not sure how my eye will be at that time.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What if all cows ran out of milk?

Simply there would be no milk. We would have to try to drink powdered milk or just not drink milk at all. More people would have weaker bones and there would be more accidents with people breaking their bones. Doctors would have more business then too.