Sunday, March 2, 2008

Five Senses

Have you ever gone to a new place, with a different culture than your own? All five senses start going except for one. Your eyes are looking at everything they possibly can to absorb everything in as fast as possible. The smell in the air is forcing your nose to try to break each sense apart to figure out what or where it is coming from. Your ears are listening to all of the sounds from all over the area. Both of these, senses and sound, are related to your vision trying to relate that sound or smell to an image. After those senses are near done something will attract the eye and the temptation to touch something of a weird texture would be the next action. Taste is not usually used unless a local food item is tasted.

Senses could lead to curiosity, which leads to many questions. I had this Dairy Queen ice cream cake in front of me because it was my sister's birthday and I had to put her candles into this cold ice cream. Which did not work at all. Thankfully who ever designed the cake but a frosting along the edge that I put the candles in around the cake. The worst part was trying to put the cake. You could tell by looking at it that the ice cream on the top was starting to melt but the cake would not cut still.

Then there was the problem that arose. There are many layers in Dairy Queen cakes. There is the ice cream on the bottom, then the layer of fudge or caramel, then a layer of crumbs of cake, followed by the top layer of ice cream to finish it off. It was the middle layer with the fudge that was giving us trouble cutting. It was not frozen, but by the time we got the piece of cake to come out with the help of two people working on it, the piece jumped out and flipped over onto the rest of the cake. That is one of the hardest things to do that most people under estimate, taking the first piece of cake, pie, or brownie out of the pan.

If this was new to someone they could use all their senses but one. To touch the cake it is cold at first until it starts to melt where it is being touched. It can be tasted my those that are not lactose intolerant. Everyone enjoys the taste no matter how old they are. The only thing is it can not be heard. It might make some noise once it is taken out of the freezer into a warm area, but that is an observation of mine and I could of been just thinking I heard a noise.

It is like those guessing games at animal places or the zoo. Where you have to put your hand through a hole and feel different objects or types of fur and guess what they are. What if we had something like that but for food? That would be fun cause its messy and it deals with using one of the main five senses. The ice cream cake would have to be one just for the fun of it.

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