Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Onion Project

I choose to use pictures of trash cans of downtown Indianapolis because it was the first thing I thought of when told to find something that had layers, was more then what they appear. The trash can to most people is seen as a diposal device for stuff that they no longer want but in many ways it could be seen as a gold mine or a design of the surrounding landscape. There were two different styles of trash cans downtown, one that was a black metal frame that opened outward and a octagon shaped one made with rocks surrounding it. Some of the trash cans had a tarp wrapped around it that had a design on it that sutied the seaon of basketball. That is the desgin approch for the trash cans but more importantly is the people who go rely on there being good trash in those cans. The local homeless look for any left item like clothing, or food. They do a pretty good job making sure most of the trash downtown is taken out but I had to looked in most all of the main trash cans and all the best stuff I could find were a black pair of socks.

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